Garbage Disposal Repair Logan UT
appliance repairman doing garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are often attached to your kitchen sink and are operated using a switch that can drain and filter heavy and bulky food items that can’t otherwise be broken down into liquids and drained easily. This function makes it easier to do dishes on demand and without having to scrape away food items before, as well as cleanup afterwards so you’re fishing your hands around in the bottom of the sink to prevent clogs. When a garbage disposal works and works well, it can help make cooking and cleaning easier than ever before.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Often times, your garbage disposal can become damaged if you try to push too many items through it or you don’t use it with care. Keeping your garbage disposal on and running when your sink’s water system is not running can also counteract the motor and cause it to become faulty or damaged as well. To avoid this, we recommend having a professional hook your systems up together and to thoroughly read the information that comes with your garbage disposal, so that you’re not using it inappropriately.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Clogged garbage disposals can not only be damaging to your sink’s system as a whole, but can ruin the motor inside of your garbage disposal and result in expensive costs to repair. It’s best to not push or shove larger food items into your garbage disposal, but to rather use it as a backup to smaller food items that can’t be drained in a standard drain. Garbage disposals are meant to keep your kitchen sink clean and free from clogged drains, while also breaking down and removing the larger food items that can cause such clogs. However, your garbage disposal should not be used in place of a standard waste bin.

Faulty Garbage Disposal

A faulty garbage disposal can happen when a motor is dying or failing to completely break down the food items that you’ve placed into the sink. This can lead to excess food items floating to the top of your sink or causing water and other liquids to have trouble fully draining. A faulty garbage disposal doesn’t always mean that you need a complete replacement, but rather your battery or motor needs to be examined. If your garbage disposal system is outdated and no longer safe to use, we’ll recommend a new one along with our garbage disposal installation services.

Odd Noises

If you notice an odd noise coming from your garbage disposal, such as a loud motor noise or a fan, it could be that your garbage disposal needs to be cleaned. While the garbage disposal’s job is to remove all of the excess food items in your sink, there are the occasional food items that can become stuck or trapped on the blades of the garbage disposal and make breaking down future food items more difficult. If and when this happens, you should contact an appliance repair technician to provide quick and efficient cleaning services for your garbage disposal.