Oven & Stove Repair Logan UT
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Your oven and stove are other appliances that can often become faulty over time given excessive use. With the combination of frequent usage and heat, your oven and stove can experience common problems such as not heating up properly or entirely, overheating, or poor calibration. When these problems occur, the solutions are usually quick and easy to perform and just require a little further inspection from a professional.

Oven Repairs

Oven repairs consist of cleaning the oven’s interior as well as examining its calibration in relation to the heat source and hookups. It can also mean seeing if the buttons, fans, and related fixtures are connected and operating well together, such as the timer, oven light, and more. Oven repairs are typically fixed within minutes and the source of the problem is usually miscalculations that can be reset by a professional. We also offer professional oven cleaning, which can remove the hard-to-reach buildup and residue in your oven, on the fan, and behind it, which can affect the integrity of the oven itself.

Stove Repairs

Stove repairs are done by inspecting your stove’s hookups, as well as the gas lines and pipes beneath your stovetop. We ensure that the attached knobs are all calibrated correctly and connected to your stovetop so that you can control it better and with ease. When your knobs are not able to help you control the heat or temperature at which it is emitted, there is likely a problem with the connection of the knobs. If one or more of your burners does not turn on, the problem could be more internal with the stovetop itself and is typically the lack of energy being distributed to the malfunctioning burner.

Heating Problems

Heating problems can occur when your oven or stove do not heat up entirely once you’ve turned the fixtures on. When you set them to a degree setting or a particular temperature, but they’re not cooking food through all the way or staying heated for as long, there could be a problem with your electrical or gas connection. By looking at your connection source, we can better determine the source of the problem and how to fix it. Such repairs will also depend on what kind of hookup you have, whether it’s a gas or electric one, as the approach is much different to both.

Extractor Fan Issues

Both stovetops and ovens have extractor fans either built into them or near them to help remove the odors and fumes from cooking. They can also help trap and remove grease and oils that are emitted during cooking to prevent injury or fire hazards. However, if your extractor fan is not cleaned often or is no longer removing cooking residue, as it should, then it could be time for a thorough cleaning or new fan blades. Most of the time, a quick and professional clean and the cleaning of a fan blades or the filter, are enough to get your extractor fan back in working order.