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Refrigerator and freezer repairs consist of repairing and revitalizing your refrigerator and freezer combos (if attached) and repairing them separately, if detached. Refrigerators and freezers can eventually run into several problems such as temperature fluctuation, leaks, and motor defects. If and when you notice one of these issues, it’s best to contact one of our professionals immediately for further service. Leaving refrigerator or freezer with ongoing damages can result in higher repair costs, excessive damages, and ruined food items.

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator repairs are those that help tackle the internal problems you’re having with your refrigerator. These can be anything from minor leaks to temperature control inside of your fridge. If you have a larger fridge and notice that the whole appliance is not cooling or keeping food cool at even temperatures, it could be that your thermostat needs to be reconfigured. Most refrigerator repairs are done to prevent you from having to invest in a new one, which can be costly and unnecessary.

Freezer Repair

Freezer repairs take on the challenge of understanding and altering how and why your freezer is not keeping food items frozen. The culprit can be various things, such as your freezer running but not freezing, or a faulty thermostat. Another problem could be that your freezer’s door seal has become loosened or is no longer functioning well. This means that when your freezer is not open, the seal on the door that keeps the cool air in is defective and letting out the cool air at a quicker rate than the freezer can keep up with. All of these repairs are relatively simple to take on and just require some professional assessment beforehand.

Ice Machine Repair

On many refrigerators, there is also an ice department or ice machine built in. While this is both convenient and easy to use, the ice machine can become clogged or trapped with buildup of ice blocks. When this happens, your ice machine needs to be emptied of the trapped ice so that new ice can form and pass through the machine’s spout. If your ice machine is failing to make ice at all, it could be a pipe or connection problem where the water and temperature inside the ice machine are not meeting properly to create sustainable ice deposits. If you notice your ice machine making motor noises or leaking when you press your cup against the spout, you should call a technician to review the internal pipes and temperature.

Thermostat Configuration

Another common problem, as mentioned previously, is that the thermostat can be cranked too high or too low. This problem is usually very easy to fix by simply adjusting the thermostat to the right setting. If this occurs but does not solve the problem, your thermostat may simply need to be reconfigured to match the internal settings of your refrigerator or freezer. We also recommend investing in new thermostats over time, as the older ones can become faulty, suffer from natural wear and tear, and simply stop working over time and extended use.