Washer & Dryer Repair Logan UT
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Washer and dryer damages can happen when your washer experiences water leaks from beneath the opening or your dryer is not drying clothes properly or entirely. While there’s other types of damages as well, these are the most common ones we see that can easily be addressed and fixed without issue. Your washer and dryer require regular maintenance, especially if you use them daily or weekly for your family’s laundry needs.

Washer Repair

When your washer begins to leak or does not complete a washing cycle properly, you’ll notice that your clothes are soaking wet with excessive water lingering in the machine, stains and soap have not been rinsed properly, or your clothes have not experienced a spin cycle which helps remove the excess moisture. Taking soaked clothes and putting them in a dryer can compromise their integrity or cause them to take longer to dry and dry in odd or unflattering forms. Instead, your washer may have a timer issue, a filtration issue, or a water connection issue, all of which we can look at during our assessment.

Dryer Repair

Dryer repairs are those that help understand why your dryer is not able to dry your clothes completely. This often happens when your dryer’s vents and coils are blocked and clogged with excessive dust and dirt that has accumulated over time. When this dust and dirt is not cleaned off regularly, it can lead to a potential fire hazard when overheated, or it can cause you to use more energy on drying cycles to dry your clothes, when usually it should only take one cycle. If you notice your dryer overheating during the drying process or your clothes haven’t budged at all in terms of drying, then cleaning your vents and coils would be the most recommended approach to dryer repairs. We’re able to assist with cleaning the vents and coils to protect your safety and wellbeing.

Washer Leaks

If your washer is leaking from beneath the opening, there could be a problem with the connective pipes that distribute water from your water source to your washer. This problem can happen when your pipes are dirty and haven’t been cleaned in a long time, or there’s an excess of buildup behind your water pipes, causing an overflow of moisture into your washing machine. When this happens, we’ll have to clean the tubes and pipes, or tighten the connection behind the washing machine.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is another important task that needs to be done often to ensure that your dryer is both safe and clean. When the vent and coils behind the dryer become congested with dirt and dust, but the dryer is continually used, this can lead to overheating of lint and other materials which can be hazardous and sometimes result in fires. Cleaning the coils and vents, with a professional standard, is a safe way to ensure that your dryer does not overheat or cause a fire hazard to you while in use.